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Curtains dance in the breeze of an L.A. morning, as the Metro rattles just beyond barred windows. In between the sounds of the city, there’s a gentle picking of guitar strings—a tangible kindness in the midst of all this. Delaney Moghanian works out her next song with a cup of fresh coffee on the table, and a tortoise-shell cat circling her ankles.


Moghanian’s music is born in this environment—where comforts of home meet the pressures and stressors of modern life. The result is music crafted for the people of our time—songs that connect one to self, as well as to others.

“I want people to feel less alone,” Moghanian says. “I want my art to resonate with people in a way that makes them feel better.” 


Since her 2018 self-released EP “From the Ashes” (produced by her partner Trevor Marcotte), Moghanian has entertained a growing fan base with shows local and regional—including an EP release show in Los Angeles, as well as dates in Phoenix and elsewhere. 


Rooted in folk (with hints of R&B, blues and psychedelic rock), Moghanian sings in a clear, pitch-perfect voice that calls to mind luminaries of the 70s—including Joni Mitchell, The Carpenters, and others. She cites these artists as primary influences, having been raised on them as a kid in San Diego.


Her 2019 single “Baby, I Can’t Take It!” showcases her social consciousness—and an emerging songwriter who’s willing to courageously call out the injustice she sees.


So what’s next for Moghanian? She’s currently writing her next record, composing what some have called her best songs yet. She’s also booking dates with her backing band, as well as intimate solo shows. 


Experience Delaney Moghanian on Spotify—and follow her on Facebook and Instagram for latest updates and show details. 


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